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128 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | June 2016 Store ManagerS Dorrie Decker Store Director, council Bluffs #2, council Bluffs, iowa, Hy-Vee Decker met an onslaught of new competition in her market head-on and with a positive attitude. Collaborating exceptionally well with department heads on sales goals and promotions, she challenged her team to deliver the same high expectations she had of herself, as evi- denced by the store's excep- tional results. Department managers were tasked with getting one more item into customers' baskets, resulting in consistent sales increases. Decker expanded her store's social media reach by chal- lenging her team to find one event each month to build a promotion on, in one case engaging more than 12,000 Facebook users. LiSa BejMowicz Store #669, casa grande, ariz., the kroger co./ Fry's Marketplace Under Bejmowicz's lead- ership, the team at store #669 — one of Fry's highest- volume Marketplace loca- tions in the division — met/ exceeded customer expecta- tions every day. She was No. 1 in customer service for her zone, and her store often held the top spot in Friendly & Fresh conditions. Under her leadership, the store also had no accidents in 2015. Bejmowicz built strong relationships with associates and customers: greeting and meeting shoppers, engaging her team to provide a highly satisfying customer experi- ence, holding daily associate huddles, and mentoring and recognizing her team. kiM Borror Store #532, Pickerington, ohio, the kroger co. Borror inspired the best work from her associates, 12 of whom were promoted to store department head or lead positions under her mentor- ship in 2015; she also trained her younger associates on ways to "connect" to custom- ers in new ways. Compared with last year, her store's year-to-date oper- ating profit growth was 1.2 percent, year-to-date net sales growth was 8.4 percent, and customer count increased by 5.3 percent. In 2015, Borror led her team to achieve the highest and most consistent Customer Acknowledgement score (more than 90.9 percent) each period in the Columbus division. MicHeLLe Burton Store #622, Mesa, ariz., the kroger co./ Fry's Marketplace Burton's store reached $55 million in sales, with 2015 marking the first year that the location become a million- dollar store that exceeded sales, shrink and labor goals. In 2015, the store had an op- erating profit of $2.5 million. At the same time, she helped increase weekly cus- tomer count and strengthened relationships with associates to best execute merchandising and operation standards. The customer count rose nearly 5 percent to 33,500 customers per week. Burton received an award for 25 years of service in 2015, and actively volunteered in the community. gaiL HeartLey island Foods great Valu, chincoteague, Va., great Valu Leading her store with the singular objective of sustain- able, profitable growth, Heart- ley held to her results-driven mantra: "That which can be measured is worth doing." She directed the rebrand- ing and reformulation of a failed location, whose heavy seasonal business increased 400 percent. The store returned to profitability as customer count, basket size and sales per trans- action continued to grow. Heartley's exceptional abilities to quickly determine innovative, on-demand solu- tions underscored her skills of continuous improvement in sales, customer satisfaction and operating results. courtney BroBSt Store Director, Lenexa, kan., Hy-Vee Brobst galvanized her store team's performance, which outpaced the market in sales and profits because of the relationships she fostered with employees and customers alike. She expanded the Coffee with Cops program to include a Kool- Aid with Cops event for children. Also responsible for the operations of her store's newly opened fuel station, she pro- duced exceptional sales results and profit growth. Brobst promoted, and sub- sequently trained, an assistant manager to lead the kitchen de- partment; empowering the asso- ciate helped the kitchen evolve from a struggling operation into a consistently high-performing sales and profit contributor. ina caVin Store Director, Mason city #1, Mason city, iowa, Hy-Vee Moving to a store in a larger market, Cavin led her new team to focus on an impec- cable customer experience by setting high standards, well-defined expectations and lead-by-example merchandis- ing excellence, all of which enabled her store to achieve record net profits. Under her leadership, her store has expanded its food waste diversion efforts. Cavin expanded the store's Veterans Day breakfast, the most recent of which served free breakfasts to 622 vets, a number that ranks in the top 15 percent of the company. She also serves the community as a board member of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce. kiM coLe Store Director, west Des Moines #2, west Des Moines, iowa, Hy-Vee Cole's steady, persistent leadership was in evidence during a major remodel of her store, which continued to perform well throughout the project's duration. When her store was chosen as one of two for the test launch of Hy-Vee Aisles Online, Cole guided her team through an intricate ground- floor process that yielded one of the largest volumes of on- line customers in all of Iowa. Serving as an exemplar for other store directors to model tailored customer service to specific local customer needs, Cole also maintained her store's exceptional perfor- mance when a new competitor opened nearby.

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