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Rising staRs Kathleen Reding Category Manager, dairy/Frozen, supervalu/Cub Foods Partnering with Kemp's Dairy, Reding created a Milk ChRistine Rees-ZeCha human Resources director, supervalu/ independent Business Rees-Zecha successfully handled challenging labor issues in newly organized distribution centers; she and her team hired 220 employ- ees in 15 weeks by advertis- ing for nonproduction roles and attending a job fair at a local technical college. She developed a spread- sheet with weekly goals that factored in anticipated turn- over, to achieve and retain the appropriate staffing level. Rees-Zecha creatively recruited drivers by net- working at truck stops and advertising on an industry website. taMMy nollen senior account Manager, supervalu Nollen achieved sales growth of 11 percent above projections across her ter- ritory and led the pilots of several key competitive strat- egies, including Supervalu's new DSD program, the SVIn- sights Analytics tool, SVLinx and the implementation of strategic pricing projects. She led the National Expo project plan and execution in 2015, which included direct- ing more than 20 functional areas like merchanding, with sales results improving by 50 percent. Nollen maximized and grew market share by coor- dinating activities for one customer's new store, and a major remodel for another. sales increases of nearly 50 percent in the past year. Reding provided leadership for the SV program, launching SVInsights, as well as taking ownership of communication of the SV team. Drive Donation program that was recognized by the National Dairy Council as a best-in-class promotion for retailers. In the frozen category, she relaunched Culinary Circle, a private label brand that saw to all the award winners and especially our own Mary Kay O'Connor Mary Kay O'Connor, Vice President of Education, has played an instrumental role in delivering training, research, trends, and support to the dairy-deli-bakery industry for over 30 years. Thank you for your vision and dedication. International Dairy·Deli·Bakery Association |

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