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April 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 13 a combination of skylights and a switch to LED from fuorescent. All of the refrigerated and frozen cases, most featuring doors instead of open cases, also have energy-saving lights that turn of if no movement is detected. Tey turn back on slowly when a customer enters the area to avoid a bright fash of light, Oswald adds. For the few cases that are open, night shades are used to help keep the temperature regulated when the store is closed. Te foor also received atten- tion. For the Sandcreek location, Broulim's selected a concrete foor that used a curing agent and densi- fer to help retain moisture during the slow curing process and requires little grinding or polishing. Te hope, Oswald says, is that the foor will hold up longer and better than standard concrete foors so Broulim's can forgo the re- polishing process every few years. Te extremely hard and tight surface shouldn't become porous and should block dirt from sinking into the foor, which helps retain its shine. Oswald and his team also experimented a bit with the layout of the store. Te produce department was built in an L shape to showcase the store-within- a-store natural food department, enabling it to be separate but still a part of the fresh department. "Both of those departments created quite a diferent look than we've had in stores in the past," Oswald says. Te frozen food department also was turned on its side — in this case, liter- ally: Te frozen cases run perpendicular instead of parallel to the center store aisles. So far, the trafc pattern in frozen shows customers reacting to the change favorably. Brou- lim's is watching the sales from this store's frozen department closely to see whether the turning of the aisles proves benefcial before adding the layout into the plans of the three stores cur- rently slated for remodeling. Prepared Food Expansion Sandcreek's other diferentiators, such as the expanded fresh food department, are already in the three "As far as the way the fresh foods department looks, and the way that opened up the whole area, I think that's the real key in [the Sandcreek] store." —Mark Oswald, VP SUSHI MEATS/ CHEESE SANDWICH PREP DELI CHICKENDISER CUT FRUIT SERVICE SALADS MEAT SMOKER CARVING STATION CUPBOP CHECKOUT SOUP BAR PRODUCE FLORAL CHECKOUTS TORTILLAS WINE RACK SANDWICH ISLAND BULK FOODS NATURAL/ORGANIC NUT GRINDERS BAKERY MEAT/SEAFOOD DAIRY FROZEN FOODS DAIRY RESTROOMS OFFICES CUSTOMER SERVICE EXIT ENTRY BEVERAGES COLD BEVERAGES PHARMARCY BEER CAVE BAKERY DISPLAY Broulim's Sandcreek Commons, Ammon, Idaho

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