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Cover Story 12 | Progressive Grocer Independent | April 2016 Broulim's but the quality is so much better. Te steak meats are just phenomenal." While customers weren't demand- ing a higher-quality meat, Broulim's made the switch to set itself apart. Te grocer also distinguishes itself by not only cutting the meat for the customer, but ofering to prepare and cook it as well. "We have a sign that says, 'Buy a steak and we'll cook it for free,'" Broulim says. "It's an easy meal for [the guests], so they go home and have no mess and no fuss. We do all of the work for them. Tese are the things that we're doing to try to be a little diferent." Te seafood department has Fresh Fish Fridays every week, in which the fshmonger selects two to three items not usually available, such as mahi mahi or shark, to sell while supplies last. Stafers help educate customers on the fsh varieties show- cased and ofer recipes and cooking suggestions for the items that may not be familiar to many customers. Many of the fresh department concepts introduced or expanded in the Sandcreek store will be mak- ing their way into other Broulim's locations; currently, three stores are slated for remodeling. "We have seen what [fresh food] can do, and we are going to go ahead and expand our other facilities," Zahrn says. "We are doing prepared foods, smoked foods and sushi in other locations, but we aren't doing the prepared foods to the degree that we are doing in [Sandcreek]. We found out just how valuable and important prepared foods are to our business." Efficient Design Te Sandcreek store also allowed Broulim's to incorporate some new design elements into the construc- tion process. Te store features windows and skylights to bring in as much natural light as possible. Te artifcial light, mostly supplied by LED fxtures, is then balanced with the natural light, so that the artifcial light may operate only at 50 percent or 60 percent during daylight hours. "We're seeing as much as 50 percent shedding for most of the time during the day," says VP Mark Oswald. "Tat's very, very energy-efcient." Te center store has seen the most energy savings in lighting through TOP OF THE LINE Broulim's recently switched to Certified Angus Beef, which requires an investment on the store's part. Fresh seafood is flown in every week for Fresh Fish Friday. IDAHO PREFERRED Idaho is known for its potatoes, but Broulim's focuses on sourcing local products when- ever possible from the more than 185 types of produce grown in the state.

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