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Check Out Check Out "I want to earn people's business; I also want to make sure I'm giving something back for the support they give me. When [customers] have prob- lems and they have concerns (about the community), then I feel like it's my responsibility to step in and try to do something about it." —Randy Wright, owner, Wright's Market 42 | Progressive Grocer Independent | February 2016 Outtakes from Outstanding Independents Tech Byte Ease Digital Shopping For independent grocers looking to dive into of- fering online shopping to customers, Australian company NoQ Commerce, based in Adelaide, provides full end-to-end shopping with an inte- grated payment system, outsourced delivery, full product data, a 75,000-product image library, and POS and loyalty program integration, as well as a digital product-picking app. Retailers can provide customers with a fully customized, fully responsive website for easy viewing on any type of device, as well as a native mobile app. The app allows grocers to send personalized, geo-located messages to customers, for easy ordering in minutes. The iPad Picker App also enables retailers to pick orders, make electronic substitutions and design their own fulfillment route to pick multiple orders at the same time. For more information, visit "The big difference is our people. Our bakery managers are all 30-year-plus tenured people that have really been in the business their whole lives. A lot of our cake decorators, bakers and counter associates have been with us a decade or more. Without that level of expertise, we wouldn't be able to consistently provide what we do." —Dennis Graul, co-owner, Graul's Market "One thing we do is, we're very big in locally grown produce in the summer, when we have the best of the best Min- nesota-grown products. We use all of those fresh vegetables in our deli for our recipes. We market that extensively; there's signage in the deli, and it is advertised." —Kim Mackenthun, owner, Machenthun's Fine Foods Metcalfe's Reuse and Choose bag-recycling program allows customers to apply the 10-cent reusable-bag credit to their own purchase or to donate it to the store's charity of the month. Last year, the store saved more than 677,000 from going to the landfill, and gave away $68,000 in reusable-bag credit. Metcalfe's also gives 6,000 reusable bags to the area's schoolchildren to deco- rate with a sustainability theme, and then gives those bags to customers. —Kevin Metcalfe, co-owner, Metcalfe's "We were starting to see within various depart- ments, primarily wine and spirits, but also in the various cuts of meats and pork, that people … wanted to eat better. With [Frais Marché], we were able to say this is what the custom- er wants, this is how they want it, and this is when they want it." —Randy LeBlanc, co-owner, LeBlanc's Frais Marché "I think a lot of the environment in the community drove us to [build the sustainable Larchmont, N.Y., store]. The community in our area is very much about be- ing green and environmentally conscious, so they have a great appreciation for it. And I have two young kids who are learn- ing about the earth in school and coming home and talking about it, so I think that was an influ- ence as well." —John DeCicco Jr., president, DeCicco & Sons

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