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February 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 37 View, Calif.-based "Almost 70 percent closely monitor their budgets. Millennials embrace the idea of frugality, considering themselves smart shoppers, and take pride in educating themselves on how to get the best deals when they want them." However, they see value in "bet- ter" meat. A 2015 Consumer Reports survey found that 86 percent of consumers polled said that meat and poultry raised without routine use of antibiotics should be available in their local supermarket, and more than 60 percent of respondents said they'd be willing to pay at least 5 cents per pound more for it. Nearly 40 percent said they'd pay $1 or more per pound for antibiotic-free meat. How can you bring in these high- cost items to attract the educated, conscientious but thrifty consumer? Use this as an opportunity to mer- chandise smaller, healthier portions at a higher price per pound. Te perception of "quality" will justify the higher price. Re-engineer the Meat Department An adage that pervaded the meat departments of the past was "stack it high and watch 'em buy." It was com- mon to see boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale for 99 cents per pound. Tat doesn't work today. Te new consumer expects an experience. How can your meat de- partment meet this expectation? Re-engineer your department by adding craft trade skill positions like butchers, charcutiers and fshmon- gers. Two of the larger chains are doing just that. Cincinnati-based Kroger's new Main & Vine in Seattle is an urban- leaning concept described as a place "where eating is healthy, afordable and fun." Tis is exactly what the customer is looking for. While the Pacifc Northwest is a hotbed of artisan producers and consumers in R E L I A B L E F O O D P R O C E S S I N G m A C h I N E S W W W. B I R O S A W. C O m Biro Manufacturing Company Marblehead, oH 43440-2099 USA 419-798-4451 Fax 419-798-9106 233rB-10-13 md 1433Fh 14" Fixed Head Band Saw md 3334-4003Fh 16" Fixed Head Band Saw md mINI-32 Mixer-Grinder md 346 Size 32 Grinder md 922 Size 22 Table Top Grinder md EmG-32 Size 32 Ergonomic Mixer-Grinder md AFmG-24 Size 32 Mixer-Grinder md 109PCm (Mechanical) Fresh (Tempered) Boneless Whole Muscle Slicer md FBC-4800 Frozen (Tempered) Meat Block Chipper md BCC-100 Table Top Poultry Cutter md F2000 Adjustable Weight, Multiple Die Patty Former md PRO-9hD 3/4 HP Tenderizer, Knitting- Plus Strip & Scoring Options md VTS-42 40# Vacuum Marinator md VTS-46 20# Vacuum Marinator md B350A 13 3/4" Automatic Slicer md B300m 12" Manual Gravity Feed Slicer md B350mV 13 3/4" Manual Vertical Slicer md mINI-22 Mixer-Grinder md 822 Grinder md 44SSFh Fixed Head Band Saw 142" Saw Blade md 22 Band Saw md VTS-44 Vacuum Marinator md AFmG-48 Mixer-Grinder

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