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2016 I N D E P E N D E N T S OUTSTANDING "WOW" FACTOR Westside Market, New York C losing a store for three years isn't often conducive to a prosperous supermarket, but when Westside Market had to close its fagship store in Manhattan's Morn- ingside Heights neighborhood for three years, due to nearby construction, it came back better than before. Te Zoitas family, which owns fve Westside Markets in New York City, used the hiatus to revamp the layout of the store to improve customer fow and add fresh departments like a salad bar and seafood counter. Meanwhile, produce and fresh prepared foods continued to lure customers. Maria Zoitas, owner John Zoitas' wife, has become famous for her moussaka, spinach lasagna and 20 varieties of couscous salad. Both John and Maria were born on the Greek island of Lefkada, which instilled in them a love of fresh produce and authentic cooking and a commitment to quality service, all of which form the basis of their business philosophy. Serving more than 6,000 customers a day, the 10,500-square-foot fagship store is hopping. Check- out lines regularly snake through the grocery aisles, but customers simply maneuver around each other in the tight space and wait patiently for the highly skilled cashiers to move them through the line. To make the most of such a tight space, product is merchan- dised everywhere there's a spare inch. Produce is carefully and artfully displayed outside, and any items with bruises or blemishes are quickly discarded. Te store displays are stacked high, but staf is always readily available if a customer can't reach an item. For customers who may not have time to run to the store, Westside Market recently partnered with Instacart for home delivery of products. "Everything we do is centered around our commitment to bring the best products to our valued custom- ers," says COO Ian Joskowitz. Operating like a well-oiled machine, the stores have made retailing an art. PGI Where doing business just comes NATURALLY "Expo West is a 'must' on our buying schedule calendar. Many of the most valuable and successful products in our store we found by walking the aisles and forming relationships at Expo West . The time, energy and expense spent at this show is a wise investment for us." – Angie O'Pry Blades, Fiesta Nutrition Center Produced by New Hope Natural Media Co-located with: Education & Events: March 9–13, 2016 Trade Show: Anaheim Hilton March 10–12, 2016 Anaheim Convention Center March 11–13, 2016 Anaheim, CA USA To learn more and get registered, visit: R

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