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2016 I N D E P E N D E N T S OUTSTANDING BAKERY N ot many independents get the opportunity to build a new store from the ground up, but when they do, it's a chance to build their dream store. Te owners of Audubon Market, in St. Francisville, La., had such an opportunity. Richard and Wanda Jarreau, and John and Deana David, along with their children Lisa LeBlanc and Darrell David and their spouses, Mike and Glinda, respectively, replaced their frst St. Francisville store with the new Audubon Market, which opened last July. One of the biggest draws of the new 35,000-square- foot store is the bakery. Te department received a major upgrade from the previous location, which had only a 200-square-foot combined bakery and deli. "It was never enough room for our bakery department to expand, so when it came to the new store, we wanted to make sure we had enough room, because we'd decided to go with a full- service bakery," says Mike LeBlanc. Te new 700-square-foot bakery ofers a full complement of products, from scratch-made cakes to daily baked bread to mufns to cookies. Te new store also allowed the bakery staf to expand from one employee to two full-time bakers, two full-time decorators and two part-time associates. Te new store's bakery has made great strides from what the department was able to do in the previous location, LeBlanc notes. Further, the staf makes sure the bakery products are present in the rest of the store. "Tey'll put petit fours and cakes over in the wine department; they'll put cookie cakes over in the produce section," he explains. "Tey pretty much put stuf all over the store." In a short amount of time, the store has become known for its decorated cakes. "Every day, they are doing some- thing diferent and unique," LeBlanc adds. "It's probably the most surprising of all the departments." Audubon Market, St. Francisville, La.

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