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4 | Progressive Grocer | 2016 Category Management Handbook | December 2015 Welcome to a Brave New Shopper-centric World BY JIM DUDLICEK I 've said it before, and I'll say it again: It's not enough anymore just to be a big building full of ingredients. Te future is here, and it wants solutions — for meals, for preparing them, for serving them, for deliver- ing wholesome family fare with ease, speed and confdence. Tat's why grocery retailers and their CPG supplier partners must look beyond the aisle and collaborate closely on new ways to deliver solutions that bring the whole store together in this common goal. Fresh is where it's at right now. Te perimeter is exciting, and it's growing. From produce and meat to deli and prepared foods, shoppers are spending most of their time there. Meanwhile, center store — while still a proft center — is boring. It's shown little to no growth for several years, and it's easy to understand why. In the shadow of fresh's dazzle, center store is a chore to shop and arguably in need of an all-out reinvention. How can one help the other and thereby boost the lot? We think you'll fnd some answers in the following pages. PG's annual Category Management Handbook breaks down the store, category by category, aisle by aisle. Leading the way is your frst glimpse of a bold new strategy to bring category management up to code, if you will: CatMan 2.0. "Today, the miracle of the internet gives the shopper more information and more choices than could have been imagined 20 years ago," says the Category Management Association's (CMA) Gordon Wade. "Te internet gives the retailer and manufacturer an opportunity to engage in a two-way 'conversation' with the shopper. Tis capabil- ity changes the dynamic of the CPG marketing environment." PG is partnering with CMA to help roll out CatMan 2.0, which builds upon the revolutionary category management concepts introduced two decades ago by leveraging the technol- ogy and shopper insights that can allow retailers to keep pace with consumers at every step along the path to purchase. Also contributing to a better grasp of the "why behind the buy" is TNS Global, which breaks down the so- called "shopper universe" into easy- to-understand categories pinpointing signifcant shopper types and occa- sions. In addition, the folks at the Food Marketing Institute ofer ongoing re- search that underscores the importance of understanding consumers' connection to food. Further, we look at more than a dozen categories throughout the store, from meat and produce to frozen foods and beverages, and show how they aim to come together to sell the whole meal in this brave new shopper-centric world. With club, mass, drug, c-store and other channels all vying for attention and their own increasing share of the consumer's food dollar, grocers need to be fully engaged with shoppers to secure and grow loyalty, basket ring and market share. Let PG's Category Management Handbook be your guide to the future. PG Jim Dudlicek Editor-in-Chief [email protected] Twitter @jimdudlicek The future is here, and it wants solutions — for preparing and serving meals with ease, speed and confidence. Editor's Note

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