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cover feature embrace design as a business practice and pushing it into other areas of their organizations as part of the new product development process. "This methodology, identifed as 'design thinking,' has become an approach to deeply understanding the person buying a product and designing the product, package and experience for that individual," he explains. "So, the rise of 'design thinking' and more chief design ofcers would be an indication that design has increased in importance." Re-energizing Existing Products In addition to aiding new products, if an existing product is lagging or not growing at the pace of the category, new packaging can refresh how shoppers see the product and brand. Consumers have an increasing appetite for change, and brands need to remain relevant. Today, that sometimes means evolving a brand identity every several years. By defnition, a brand must be relevant to a very specifc target population of consumers. "This is almost more important than being distinct or unique as that is a singular proposition strategically speaking," Beckon Consulting Arts' DeLise says. "For a brand to be relevant to consumers, the packaging then has to embody the ethereal visually. It's almost like capturing the essence of an emotion or a feeling. It's not articulated, but it's defnitely a core intrinsic feeling that we each have, and those are very powerful to communicate to the consumer in developing a brand." In turn, packaging is the keeper of visual brand assets, so before making any changes, companies need to do research and understand the brand's loyalists' need states along with potential new users and the brand's psychographic target market, i.e., consumers whose attitudes, values or aspirations are in line with the lifestyle of the brand. "When you embark on renewing or refreshing an existing or current package design, understand who your consumers are, then you also have to understand what the brand's meaning represents to them in their lives," DeLise says. "These insights inform the creative process as to what those key essential equity elements are visually on the packaging that you can't change and what the elements are on the package that you can tweak. For example, if you own red like Coca- Cola, blue like Tifany or white like Chobani, you aren't going to change that, but there are certain graphic elements that you can refresh if you understand who your target audience is, what "Research proves that when done well, package design generates a higher ROI than any other marketing effort bar none." — Rob Wallace, Best of Breed Branding Consortium Pompeian adds New Smooth EVOO to our exis ting Robust EVOO Pompeian's Robust EVOO is perfect for Marinades, Pasta and Salad Dressings and our new Smooth EVOO is ideal for Sautéing, Sauces and Stir Frying. Our research shows that consumers are more than willing to purchase both our Robust and our New Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oils. This is great news for our partner retailers! Not only will your customers have a reason to purchase both of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but with our parity pricing, now it's possible to put both of our oils on special at the same time.

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