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Winter 2015 / Progressive Grocer Products Showcase 2 9 Energy Cost Reducer Airius offers the option of an energy-efficient electronically commutated (EC) motor on all of its air destratification fan systems. EC motors provide higher efficiency, up to 90 percent, but also less lost heat, which results in a longer service life. Airius destratification fans service facilities with ceiling heights of 8 ft. to 125 ft. By re-circulating hotter air trapped at the ceiling level and equalizing interior temperature, HVAC systems run less frequently, reducing energy costs. Airius LLC Longmont, Colo. Elephant Armor Elephant Armor released a spray that kills germs and sanitizes play areas with a non-toxic system. Designed specifically for indoor and outdoor kid play areas, Elephant Armor is an EPA- approved cleansing agent. The product uses a special solution called PURE Hard Surface disinfectant, which uses an ingredient called silver dihydrogen citrate. It leaves high-touch surfaces clean and disinfected. Elephant Armor Phoenix Aluminum for Food Containers Novelis evercycle is the first certified high-recycled-content aluminum for food containers. Products made with evercycle contain at least 90 percent post-consumer recycled aluminum whereas others have zero to 50 percent recycled content. Studies show that a majority of consumers today look for sustainable packaging when deciding what groceries to buy. Novelis Inc. Atlanta Stylish Antenna Checkpoint Systems released the EVOLVE MV E10 2.0 antenna, which features a highly customizable design and the ability to leverage data analytics to empower loss prevention, operations and merchandising apparel retail professionals. In addition, The E10 2.0 comes in RF, RFID and dual- mode (RF/RFID) versions to meet the specific needs of retailers and enables them to future-proof their business investments. In dual-mode, only one tag is required for both inventory management and loss prevention. Checkpoint Systems Inc. Thorofare, N.J. Specifically designed for narrow aisle applications in grocery stores, Airius' Narrow Aisle fan captures warm ceiling air and circulates it down the length of an aisle while minimizing interference with open cases. Features energy-efficient electronically commutated (EC) motor. y de r r o pp roc Airiu Aisl wa a d c en e S pecificall y n a a p g r A A w c e The World Standard For Destratification Straight and narrow. A new aisle-warming solution for nagging cold aisle complaints. Narrow It Down Call 303.772.2633 or visit Air circulation pattern OPERATIONS, TEchNOlOgy & SUPPlIES

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