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1 2 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Winter 2015 Simplify. To convert a browser into a buyer, you must appeal to a consumer's senses, emotions and values. One of the biggest misconceptions that companies have about packaging design is that people read all the claims and words they layer on to the package, but research proves, they don't. Words have to be decoded into meaning and this takes time in the decision making hierarchy. The key is to simplify visually, once you understand the consumers' natural order of cognitive learning. Therefore, it's more important to design around color, shape, icon, symbol, logo and even numbers. - Jackie DeLise, Beckon Consulting Arts Don't bite off more than you can chew. New structures, embossing, metallic prints and colors all afect the cost of goods. Work with procurement to determine the cost of goods and proftability you want to make on each SKU. - Terri Goldstein, Goldstein Group Allocate resources. Appoint enough resources to design packaging, since it's the single best shot at selling products. And that means research before and after product launch. - Ted Mininni, Design Force Inc. Design with ownable core assets. Due diligence to make sure color, shape, symbols are ownable. If not, a company's legal department might not approve the choices or other companies might copy, especially in the trade. - Terri Goldstein, Goldstein Group Plan ahead and stay ahead. Don't wait until your innovation concept has been validated to fnd out if you have the technical ability to deliver. Similarly, stay informed about packaging innovation in and out of your feld to make sure your brand stays ahead of the game. - Eric Zeitoun, Black Bamboo Collaborate. A host of creative and strategic experts touch a package through the lifecycle of the package development process. It is vital people align early in the process. It's also important to work with a partner that understands consumers' mindsets so design is relevant and resonates. - Jackie DeLise, Beckon Consulting Arts Invest in packaging lines. The importance of materials and environmental responsibility is by far the largest challenge corporations will face in the next 10 years. The impact of packaging improvements in more responsible materials can have a profound impact on the planet and a marvelous positive impact on the brand behind the package. - Aaron Keller, Capsule Don't be rigid. Invest in packaging style guides that aren't too rigid, but that will build in modularity to accommodate future product launches while still grounding them in the brand for immediate consumer recognition and embrace. - Ted Mininni, Design Force Inc. Focus on design. Make design an integral part of your marketing focus. Large companies began to appoint a VP of design innovation and strategy decades ago. Smaller companies might not have the resources to do that, but they can make design for product and packaging their focus all the same. Doing that will help them to make their mark in a crowded marketplace, but that focus starts from the top and goes all the way through an organization. - Ted Mininni, Design Force Inc. Brace yourself. The design process is full of plenty of challenges, but the experts below provide helpful solutions to ease the road to success: Dealing with Design Challenges cover feature

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