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they respond to and what resonates with them." Packaging innovation allows existing products to stay relevant, which in turn keeps customers returning. Hyper-customization ofers a prime example of this. "The smartest brands are customizing their package to target specifc segments," Wallace explains. "Look what Coca-Cola has done with the 'Share a Coke' customization project. This efort is the tip of the iceberg of where hyper- customization is evolving." Sometimes packaging innovation can be enough to address a barrier to trial as well. "A packaging innovation can be a much cheaper and cost-efective way to innovate in the short term versus reformulating or rethinking your product itself," Black Bamboo's Zeitoun says. Opportunities exist when refreshing packaging to develop deeper relationships with the consumer by moving the brand narrative forward. "By adding emotive cues, for example, or better telling the brand story in cultural context, consumers become more engaged, remembering all of the reasons why the brand is relevant to them and their lifestyles," Design Force's Mininni says. Refreshes also help the brand to establish new connections with consumers. "Method has been selling dish soap for quite a while now, but the brilliant stroke of ofering its dish + hand soap in packaging made from a blend of recovered ocean plastic — recovered by Method employees, in fact — as well as post-consumer recycled plastic, made an impact at retail," Mininni says. "Water droplets on the packaging and a bottle neck hanger tell a compelling story: one that really resonates with consumers at a glance. There's an emotional response generated. Consumers want to buy products packaged in this manner." Functionality also is playing an increasing important role in keeping products relevant with consumers. Increasing ease of use and convenience and getting rid of some of the bulk in packaging matters to consumers who are increasingly eschewing suburban life for urban living. With a strong trend toward prepared food, whether products are shelf stable in the grocery aisles, perishable or frozen, ease of preparation and/or consumption right within packaging is a big consideration as well. "If that packaging is easily recycled and made of sustainable or recycled materials to begin with, these will be huge positives with consumers going forward," Mininni says. PGPS cover feature Pompeian's $5 Million support in Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations is sure to drive customers to your store. Our marketing campaign will be reaching over 220 million consumers from September-December 2015 on TV, Print, Digital and Social Media initiatives. Look for us on the Food Network, the Cooking Channel and in Food Network Magazine! Stock up now, and make sure your shelves have plenty of Pompeian Robust and New Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oils! USDA Quality Monitored Profi t from the taste of success!

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