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DEC 2015

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We make it easy . Call 1-800-4-Robbie or visit From snack time to mealtime need additional training resources. Members also provide input as to unflled needs, but Eard- ley says that often, the resources already exist on IDDBA's website (visit www., Training & Education), and it's only a matter of guiding members to the solu- tions they seek. Further, IDDBA is dedicated to providing resources in any format, and these resources are free for all. Board members also lead the call for community, wherein IDDBA encourages its manufacturer, retailer and distributor members to come to- gether in support of the association's mission of promoting the growth and development of dairy, deli and bakery sales in the food industry. It's not just about promoting one product or piece of equipment, says Eardley, it's also about creating an experience for the shopper. "It's about buying and selling, but it's also about teaching and telling," he notes. Education has always been part of specialty cheese maker BelGioioso Cheese Co.'s DNA, says Gaetano Auricchio, VP of sales for the Green Bay, Wis.-based company. Auric- chio, who has been an IDDBA board member for two years, explains that the company spends a lot of time and efort educating retail and distributor companies, and also frequently sup- ports solution-based promotions with suppliers of complementary products. "We often do tailored programs with retailers' preferred vendors," he says. BelGioioso takes advantage of opportunities to extend its in-house expertise to retailers in an efort to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. One example Auric- chio provides is that of sending cheese makers to supermarkets for curd stretching. "It brings excitement and attention to the deli area," he observes. "Tere are so many cheeses avail- able, so a lot of our work is bringing in the most appropriate products for a store and getting consumers to try the products," continues Auricchio. "It's about clearing out the noise and focusing on what will draw sales for It's important for partners to focus on trends in a given category, and in deli, snacking and entertaining are hot right now." —Gaetano Auricchio, BelGioioso Cheese Co.

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