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Fresh Food Produce way to enhance the favor and save time while preparing fresh green beans," explains Nick Bergstrom, chief sales ofcer. To that end, Pero joined forces with Malibu, Calif.-based season- ing company Amazing Taste to ofer consumers of all ages a quick, easy, low-sodium and healthful way to enjoy fresh green beans without added fat. "With our co-branded packaging, consumers will be able to connect and have transparency with both brands in a new and exciting way within the produce department," asserts Bergstrom. Catering to Kids in the Kitchen Colorful packaging, fresh favors, and even the shape of value-added fruits and veggies can entice kids to try something new. Mann Packing, of Salinas, Calif., has intro- duced Mann's Culinary Cuts, a line of fresh-cut vegetables in distinctive shapes, including Sweet Potato Ribbons and Butternut Squash Zigzags. Te vegetables are washed and ready to cook. Tey're also versatile, lending nutrition and fun to salads, stir-fries, soups and casseroles. "I'm a mom, and I know it can be a battle to get kids to eat their vegetables," acknowledges company CEO Lorri Koster. "We made Culinary Cuts for parents who want to make healthy eating fun, but also for the everyday home cook who's looking for some creativity to spark tonight's dinner." Each package contains four to fve 1-cup serv- ings and can be prepared in four minutes or less in the microwave, or sautéed or steamed on the stovetop. Detailed cooking instructions are included on each package, as well as recipes and usage ideas. 'Spear' Change Meanwhile, Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc., in Coral Gables, Fla., aims to make munching on fresh pineapple and watermelon easier than ever with its Del Monte Fresh Cut Spear Multipacks, available in two varieties: the Del Monte Gold Fresh Pineapple Spear Multipack, which includes fve individually wrapped 2.7-ounce extra-sweet pineapple spears, and the Del Monte Fresh Water- melon Spear Multipack, featuring fve individually wrapped 2.7-ounce frm-fesh watermelon spears. Te spears come in an easy-open bag for on-the- go consumers, and are 100 percent fresh, with no additives or preservatives. "We also have an extensive fresh-cut line that includes snack-sized fruit-and-vegetable combina- tions," notes Dionysios Christou, VP marketing at Del Monte Fresh. Additional lunchbox-friendly items from the company include yogurt parfait cups with fresh fruit at the bottom, as well as 2-ounce Del Monte Fresh Guac. Beyond developing fresh and fun fruit and veg- gie products, Del Monte Fresh reaches kids through its involvement in programs and organizations that promote produce consumption among children, in- cluding the Produce for Better Health Foundation and the United Fresh Produce Association's Salad Bar in Every School campaign. "Introducing fresh fruits and vegetables to chil- dren at an early age is critical in developing long-term healthy eating habits," asserts Christou. "Tere are many ways to make eating fruits and vegetables fun for kids, for example, involving them in kid-friendly recipes. It is also important to ofer kids a variety of great-tasting options, as it is a useful strategy in expanding fruit and vegetable intake." PG Our digital program, Power Your Lunchbox Pledge, allows us and our sponsors to talk directly to families during one of the busiest times of the year, offering them advice and ideas to fill lunchboxes with produce." —Trish James, Produce for Kids

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