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August 2015 | | 81 free products; higher-protein foods; and safer raw eggs, there are other forces at work in the fresh egg marketplace. For one thing, the price of eggs in many parts of the country experienced a signifcant uptick this year, following an outbreak of avian fu in many Midwestern states that substantially reduced (and, in some cases, decimated) focks and egg supplies. In mid-July, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that the price for wholesale chicken eggs rose more than 84 percent from May to June. While avian fu isn't as widespread now as it was earlier in the year, high prices are expected to continue into the fall, due to the smaller current inventory of chickens. At General Mills, Peterson says that the situa- tion has posed some issues. "Our commitment to work toward 100 percent cage-free eggs is signif- cant, but it will be a challenge because the U.S. egg supply has serious shortages right now due to the avian infuenza outbreak," he admits. In addition to supply issues, some legislation has afected egg production, as well as consumer perceptions of it. In California, Proposition 2, also known as the California Prevention of Farm Ani- mal Cruelty Act, was passed in 2008 to ban conven- tional eggs and require those that produce and sell eggs in the state to allow hens able to stand up, lie down, turn around and fully extend their wings. Tat regulation, in turn, led to lawsuits from other egg-producing states, whose farmers contended that California's requirements were afecting their own egg industries. Te legal battle is ongoing. Nearly fve years ago, UEP and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) aligned in an efort to create a uniform cage production standard for the U.S. egg industry via a new farm bill, instead of more piecemeal state-by- state regulations like those in California. Last year, though, the two organizations ended their "understanding" and UEP has since refocused its eforts on other ways to deliver what consum- ers want, while ensuring "business certainty" for American egg farmers. Innovations in egg production and marketing continue. For instance, Naturally Smart eggs, from Chicago-based Dutch Farms, uses "Hen2Home" technology, with each egg sporting a use-by date etched with organic laser lights, and a code allowing consumers to trace any egg back to the farm where it was laid and confrm its production method. PG Pompeian's $5 Million support in Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations is sure to drive customers to your store. Our marketing campaign will be reaching over 220 million consumers from September-December 2015 on TV, Print, Digital and Social Media initiatives. Look for us on the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and in Food Network Magazine! Stock up now, and make sure your shelves have plenty of Pompeian Robust and New Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oils! USDA Quality Monitored Profi t from the taste of success!

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