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AUG 2015

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6 | Progressive Grocer | August 2015 nonfoods 102 HealtH Beaut y & Wellness The New Switcheroo Te newest crop of drugs to go from prescription to over- the-counter oferings can see big sales — if manufacturers and retailers handle the change correctly. 108 PG Pet Pets are People, Too Domesticated animals' "parents" treat them like family. technology 113 DiGital CouPons The Paperless Chase Retailers seek to engage consumers through easier delivery of e-coupons. equipment & design 118 store DesiGn serviCes Design Plus Today's food retailing environment requires a growing roster of design services. operations 124 loGistiCs Strengthening the Links Supply chain logistics operations beyond the terminal are increasing in importance and sophistication. departments 10 EDiTor'S NoTE: BuSiNESS aS uSuaL? 12 PG PuLSE 14 iN-STorE EvENTS CaLENDar: oCToBEr 2015 16 NiELSEN'S ShELf SToPPErS/SPoTLiGhT: Dairy/frESh EGGS 18 MiNTEL GLoBaL NEw ProDuCTS: SuN CarE 20 aLL'S wELLNESS: hEaLThfuL harvEST 126 whaT'S NExT: EDiTorS' PiCkS for iNNovaTivE ProDuCTS 128 ThE SuPPLiEr SiDE 130 ThE LaST worD: a TaSTE of ThiNGS To CoME 570 Lake Cook Rd, Suite 310, Deerfield, IL 60015 224 632-8200 • vP, Brand Director Jeff friedman 201-855-7621 [email protected] EDiToriaL Editorial Director Joan Driggs 224-632-8211 [email protected] Chief Content Editor Meg Major 724-453-3545 [email protected] Editor-in-Chief James Dudlicek 224-632-8238 [email protected] Managing Editor Bridget Goldschmidt 201-855-7603 [email protected] Technology Editor John karolefski 440-582-1889 [email protected] Senior Editor katie Martin 224-632-8172 [email protected] Senior Editor anna wolfe 207-773-1154 [email protected] Digital Editor kyle Shamorian 224-632-8252 [email protected] art Director Bill antkowiak [email protected] Contributing Editors Kathleen Furore, Bob Ingram, Lynn Petrak, Barbara Sax and Jennifer Strailey a D v E r T i S i N G S a L E S & B u S i N E S S Midwest Marketing Manager John huff 224-632-8174 [email protected] western regional Sales Manager Elizabeth Cherry 310-546-3815 [email protected] Eastern Marketing Manager Maggie kaeppel 630-364-2150 • Mobile: 708-565-5350 [email protected] Northeast Marketing Manager Mike Shaw 201-855-7631 • Mobile: 201-281-9100 [email protected] Marketing Manager Janet Blaney (AZ, CO, ID, MD, MN, MT, NM, NV, OH, TX, UT, WY) [email protected] 630-364-1601 account Executive/ Classified advertising Terry kanganis 201-855-7615 • Fax: 201-855-7373 [email protected] advertising/Production Manager Jackie Batson 224-632-8183 • Fax: 888-316-7987 [email protected] Classified Production Manager Mary Beth Medley 856-809-0050 [email protected] MarkETiNG & ProMoTioN Director of Market research Debra Chanil 201-855-7605 [email protected] audience Development Manager Shelly Patton 215-301-0593 [email protected] List r ental The i nformation refinery 800-529-9020 Brian Clotworthy reprints and Licensing wright's Media 877-652-5295 [email protected] Subscriber Services/Single-copy Purchases 978-671-0449 or email at [email protected] Ev Ents • MEdia • REsEaRch • infoRMation uNiTED STaTES MarkETS CaNaDiaN MarkETS Convenience • Grocery/Drug/Mass • Convenience Store Brands • Specialty Gourmet • Pharmacy Multicultural • Green • Foodservice President & CEo harry Stagnito Chief information officer kollin Stagnito SvP, Partner Ned Bardic Chief Brand officer korry Stagnito vP & Cfo kyle Stagnito vP/Custom Media Division Pierce hollingsworth 224-632-8229 [email protected] Production Manager anngail Norris human resources Manager Sandy Berndt Corporate Marketing Director Bruce hendrickson 224-632-8214 [email protected] Promotion Director robert kuwada 201-855-7616 [email protected] Director of Events ken romeo 224-632-8181 [email protected] Director of Digital Strategy Matt McGuire 224-632-8180 [email protected] audience Development Director Cindy Cardinal

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