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AUG 2015

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22 H O W T O W I N I N T H E B A B Y C A T E G O R Y WIN IN-STORE ACTIVATION GUIDE: Make your store a baby shopping destination SHOPPER INSIGHTS IN ACTION Moms want to digitally connect before they get to the store Since almost 90% of baby category shopping trips begin online, developing a digital presence is critical. Regardless of whether your store has e-com- merce capabilities, it's important to be able to interact with shoppers beyond traditional print media in order to alert them to in-store oferings, promotions and services. Consider a digital version of your circular, so- cial media, texts, email, an app or other forms of digital communication. Moms want to simplify their shopping experience Grocery has the opportunity to convert more of the moms who are already in the store every week but purchase baby items elsewhere. Keep your baby aisle top of mind for your shoppers by raising visibility. Consider a permanent baby end cap to entice moms to browse the aisle. Once mom is in your baby aisle, clearly marked categories with logical adjacencies help her to eficiently navigate the aisle. Additionally, think about adding a local delivery service option, to make it easier for mom to get her purchases home. Moms want to successfully purchase the baby products they came for Shipping time is a key barrier to online baby category purchase, so brick-and-mortar's greatest advantage is immediate access and purchase. Half of moms will leave your store if they cannot get the exact SKUs they came for. Become a reliable baby care resource to mom: Leverage all available data to get the optimal SKU mix on shelf. Minimize out-of-stock. Limited in-store space is a barrier to meeting every mom's needs, but leveraging e-commerce can provide a solution. Consider expanding category and brand oferings via online-only SKUs. Moms want a variety of products they can touch and try in-person Despite the advantages of comparing product benefits/ingredients online, few moms will purchase a baby product for the first time without interacting with it at shelf. Leverage the power of touch by ofering cate- gory-entry SKUs, navigational signage, well- stocked shelves or even trial-size products.

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