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AUG 2015

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19 H O W T O W I N I N T H E B A B Y C A T E G O R Y Last trip in grocery channel Last trip in mass channel Infant formula shopping plans Infant formula trip types Trip to specifically purchase infant formula Routine shopping trip to buy items for the next few days Major stock-up trip for groceries or products for my child A "fill-in" trip for a few groceries or products for my child A shopping trip to take advantage of a special ofer or low prices 14% 30% 32% 28% 16% 12% 17% 12% 6% 10% W hen it comes to infant formula, mom's purchases are rarely spontaneous, and 90 percent of the time she buys the brand she intended to buy. She knows when she needs to restock and she plans for it, making infant formula a top trip driver. In fact, it is the TOP trip driver among formula buyers. In-store infant formula Source: Molly Johnson 2015 Source: Molly Johnson 2015 I planned to shop for infant formula before I went to the store 95% 90% Looking to buy my usual formula FOCUS FOCUS:

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