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2 8 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2015 REFRIGERATED & FROZEN • Wholly Guacamole Minis ($36.8) • Oikos Greek Yogurt Dips ($15.5) • Hormel REV Wraps ($46.8) • Starbucks Discoveries ($34.5) Source: IRI New Product Pacesetters; Year-one Sales, MULO, $ Millions Merchandising Matters Helping to drive sales behind the frosty glass of the freezer cases, promotion plays a signifcant role in the frozen segment. According to Solon, Ohio-based ECRM Data Ad Comparisons analysis, pizza and ice cream products dominated the list of top 10 promoted products in the frozen category. Both pizza and ice cream had four items making the list. Interestingly, it was the two products not included in those subcategories that had the largest jumps in number of ad promotions over last year: Kellogg's Eggo Frozen Waffes and Ore- Ida Frozen Potatoes. Despite such a jump in ad promotions, they are still not getting the premium positioning enjoyed by pizza and ice cream. But while ice cream and frozen pizza had the most promoted items, as a category, frozen prepared foods represented the lion's share of frozen promotions at 37%, more than ice cream/ frozen yogurt, ice cream novelties, and frozen pizza shares combined. PGPS Frozen Vegetables 8.4% Frozen Baked Goods/Desserts 8.0% Frozen Meat 7.1% Frozen Breakfast 6.1% Frozen Fruit 2.0% Frozen Meatless 1.3% Frozen Corn Dogs 0.8% Frozen Juice 0.5% Frozen Pizza 9.1% Frozen Prepared Food; 37.4% Ice Cream Noveltes 8.7% Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt 10.5% X-For 38.6% Save $X 3.9% Save X% 0.5% Price Point 53.4% BOGO 3.1% Other 0.4% Source: ECRM All U.S. Retailers, Circulars Only, Effective Ad Block Count Source: ECRM All U.S. Retailers, Circulars Only, Effective Ad Block Count Offer Type Share Sub-Category Share

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