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24 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2015 As seen across the store, many frozen food manufacturers and marketers have streamlined ingredient lists and developed less processed foods that still offer the traditional convenience of the freezer. And many companies also have paid close attention to packaging demands, offering frozen foods in single-serve packaging, cook-in packaging and resealable packaging. Frozen fruit, for example, reports an almost 12% increase in sales for the 52 weeks ending April 19, 2015, according to IRI MarketAdvantage data. Frozen fruit offers the convenience of the freezer with the healthy profle of fruit and can be used across meal occasions from breakfast smoothies to sauces and side dishes. Combined, the healthier profiles and convenience focus stand to drive frozen food sales in the right direction, and have already set the stage for successful new product launches in frozen categories. In refrigerated, many of the same tenets apply, though the focus on fresh ingredients and simple preparation are even more prevalent. Refrigerated foods often allow shoppers to grab and go for use at their desks, at home or even for entertaining. Refrigerated foods often generate opportunities for experiential eating and entertaining as shoppers can explore new cuisine or indulge without the hassle of preparation and with a budget-friendly price point. According to Chicago-based IRI's data, refrigerated salad and coleslaw grew 11.1% for the 52 weeks ending April 19, 2015. Refrigerated meat grew more than 17%, as did butter/butter blends, up 17.7%, potentially pointing to shoppers seeking help with various meal courses and ingredients for eating and entertaining at home. ome segments of the frozen food market still get the cold shoulder from consumers, many of whom seek healthier-for- you, less processed food options despite their desires for easy and convenient food prep. Consumers are not willing to sacrifce clean eating for convenience – they want simple, clean, easy and portable! REFRIGERATED & FROZEN Sales of frozen and refrigerated foods overall haven't been too hot, though some segments report positive growth. Still Chilly

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