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Summer 2015

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1 6 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2015 CENTER STORE s consumers shift their focus to fresh, healthy options, many center store food categories have experienced declines as shoppers stick to the perimeter of stores, which mostly feature fresh produce, protein and prepared foods. The perimeter ofers consumers the freshly prepared, often customized, food they often desire for themselves and their families. It also ofers the convenience of ready-made (or mostly ready) meals that ft into the hectic and on-the-go lives so many people live today. But manufacturers and CPG marketers have responded in some areas, as many center store items have new and improved – healthier – profles with fewer ingredients and cleaner ingredient lists. As many products perceived as very processed – and thus potentially less healthy – improve their images, retailers and CPGs can potentially rebuild a center store presence and have started to do so with merchandising and marketing efforts that are driving sales. Center Stage Beverages take the spotlight in center store, while health-conscious and convenience-focused consumers leave neighboring categories in the dark.

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