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cover feature 1 4 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2015 Lunchables UPLOADED $143.2 million Refrigerated Lunches BUD LIGHT Lime Straw-Ber-Rita $128.6 million Beer/Ale/Alcoholic Cider Chobani Simply100 $120.9 million Yogurt DIGIORNO pizzeria! $90.2 million Frozen Pizza Activia Greek $86.5 million Yogurt Chobani Flip $83.2 million Yogurt Red Bull Editions $83.0 million Energy Drinks SkinnyPop $76.4 million Salty Snacks REDD'S Apple Ale $75.1 million Beer/Ale/Alcoholic Cider Yoplait Greek Blended $69.4 million Yogurt Households with children are more likely to turn to the mass merchandise/supercenter channel. Males are more than twice as likely as others to turn to the convenience channel. Sixty-three percent of consumers told IRI that they're most likely to make their frst purchase of a new beverage product in a grocery store. Mass merchandise/supercenter channel is the second most likely channel, at 27 percent. Millennials and males are more likely than average to turn to the drug channel. Hispanics and African Americans are more likely than average to turn to the dollar channel. With so many options of where to shop, the odds of consumers going on a hunt to try a product for the frst time are slim, the 2014 NPP report says. Marketers need to study trial-and- repeat purchase behavior to ensure that their brands are in the right stores with the ideal assortment, shelf location and inventory. Marketers need to understand where their core consumers look to find information about their categories/brands, such as do they prefer TV over internet or circulars over magazines? "Within each medium, what is their preferred show/site/magazine title?" Viamari suggests as an imperative question for marketers to ask. "The right message is essential, but communicating via the most effective medium is also critical, and it needs to be done on a near- individual basis, as well." While it's hard to say if the desire for new products is growing, it certainly is strong. "During the downturn, consumers were more cautious," Viamari says. "Now we're starting to see signs of more optimism and a bit of loosening of the purse strings. This is defnitely a good sign for innovators. However, value remains huge. Marketing positioning must underscore value — meaning that the product understands and delivers against what is most pressing to the target consumer. It's not just price — it's an ability to deliver what the target consumer needs/wants most and deliver it at a solid price point." PGPS Source: IRI Market Advantage™, new products that completed their first year in calendar year 2014 TOP 10 FOOD & BEVERAGE PACESETTERS Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare $269.6 million, Toilet Tissue, Moist Towelettes Gain Flings! $169.9 million Laundry Detergent Nasacort Allergy 24HR $139.2 million Cold/Allergy/Sinus Liquids ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal $103.5 million Cat/Dog Litter DayQuil/NyQuil SEVERE $91.9 million Cold/Allergy/Sinus Liquids Tidy Cats with Glade $81.4 million Cat/Dog Litter Old Spice Wild Collection $72.4 million Deodorant, Shaving Lotion/ Men's Fragrance, Shampoo, Soap Duracell Quantum $72.0 million Batteries Cascade Platinum $64.4 million Dish Detergent Tidy Cats LightWeight $62.5 million Cat/Dog Litter Source: IRI Market Advantage™, new products that completed their first year in calendar year 2014 TOP 10 NON-FOOD PACESETTERS

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