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Spring 2015

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4 2 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Spring 2015 GRAB AND GO On-the-Go Continues to Grow Consumers' fast-paced, on-the-go lives bolster grab-and-go solutions across outlets. f a food or beverage product fts in a cup holder, in a backpack or purse or in a lunchbox, it certainly fts the lives of today's consumers. Convenience reigns supreme as shoppers make purchasing decisions driven by high-quality products, of course, but also by packaging – reclosable, single-serve, easy to consume. More than a fifth of consumers eat on the run, grabbing something to eat or drink when the opportunity arises, according to Chicago- based IRI's Consumer Eating Behavior survey. Many consumers choose to eat on the run either during a commute, on lunch hours or even driving carpool. And many more consumers are buying grab-and-go items for their families to consume on the go and in school lunchboxes – once again, mom shoppers make an impact. Moms and many others have driven the breakfast segment to innovate in recent years as perspectives around healthier eating broaden. Always bearing the weight of being "the most important meal of the day," breakfast has regained attention in people's efforts to start the day with a healthful meal to have a successful, energetic day, and to stave off over-eating later in the day. Though breakfast often follows historical trends in eggs and grain-based offerings, whether eating at home or on the go, the rest of the day's eating occasions have gotten blurry. Consumer trends show mini-meals driving the snacks segment and portable, A Quick Look at Grab & Go Meal Solutions $17.3 billion in SaleS, up 3.7%* *(segments included include: frozen breakfast handheld, frozen handheld entrees (non-breakfast), nutritonal snacks/ trail mixes, all other snack/granola bars, breakfast/cereal/ snack bars, granola bars, nutritonal/intrinsic health value bars, refrigerated handheld non-breakfast entrees) Source: IRI, Chicago, multi-outlet and convenience geography for 52 weeks ending Jan. 25, 2015 Key Trends to Watch 4 Eating on the go 4 Blurred eating occasions 4 Snacks for meals/mini-meals 4 Breakfast foods innovation 4 Protein-packed meals and snacks Source: IRI, Chicago, multi-outlet and convenience geography for 52 weeks ending Jan. 25, 2015

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