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Spring 2015

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GLUTEN-FREE To further bolster the market for gluten-free products, there is a fast-growing population of people that perceive gluten-free foods to be healthier and/or more natural. The combination of these two groups has catalyzed the gluten-free market. According to Chicago and London-based Mintel, the gluten- free food market is forecast to reach $14.2 billion in 2017. "Great- er awareness of a gluten-free diet as a result of increasing diagnoses of celiac disease and other glu- ten sensitivities, and the diet's perceived health benefts, are key to category growth," the frm reports. Mintel research shows consumer exposure to education about the efects of gluten on health has contributed to the wide appeal in the market – 41% of U.S. adults agree that gluten-free prod- ucts are benefcial for everyone, not only those with a gluten issue. Looking at where shoppers are purchasing gluten-free products, conventional channels are still preferred, though smaller retail- ers have taken hold a bit. Mintel reports $7.5 billion in sales across conventional channels for the 52- week period ending June 15, 2014. Natural supermarkets represent nearly 10% of category sales, Mintel reports, while specialty and gourmet retailers represent just 4% of overall sales. However, from 2012-14, sales of gluten-free prod- ucts in both specialty and gourmet retailers increased 50% or more. Packaging labels with clear messaging are critical, as is merchandising, as Mintel reports nearly a quarter of shoppers say they have a hard time fnding gluten-free foods in stores. By food category, Mintel research shows that all gluten-free seg- ments have been increasing, though snacks have grown sig- nifcantly, with potato chip sales growing a remarkable 456%. Potatoes inherently are a good ft in the gluten-free lifestyle, as are meats/meat alternatives, which reached $1.6 billion in 2014, up 14% from 2012-14. PGPS A Quick Look at the Gluten- Free Segment $10.7 billion in SaleS, up 16.4%* *This is a percent change in dollar sales of products labeled with a gluten-free claim, indicatng that category sales are a key driver in infuencing product selectons . Source: IRI Market Advantage Health and Wellness Module, Chicago, multi-outlet geography for 52 weeks ending Jan. 25, 2015 Key TrendS To WaTCH: 4 Healthy eating 4 Increasing incidence of celiac disease diagnoses 4 Shoppers reading labels 4 FDA regulatory guidelines

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