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20 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Spring 2015 GLUTEN-FREE Consumers' relatively new knowledge about the impact of gluten on health has spawned a burgeoning category. aintaining a gluten-free diet today is easier than ever given the giant infux of gluten-free products on the market, as well as the barrage of media educating consumers about how gluten afects their health and wellness. Once a relatively obscure – or perhaps simply undiagnosed – medical issue, gluten intolerance has been identifed for a very large population of people that for medical reasons eat a gluten-free diet. Store Sections with Highest Sales of Products with Gluten-free Claims STORE SECTION Snacks $2.9 billion Refrigerated Meats $1.5 billion Dairy $1.3 billion Meals less than $1 billion* Breakfast less than $1 billion* *less than $1 billion in sales, though stll among top-fve largest areas Source: IRI Market Advantage Health and Wellness Module, Chicago, multi-outlet geography for 52 weeks ending Jan. 25, 2015 To Gluten or Not To Gluten Source: ECRM, Ashville NC, Circulars Only, Effective Ad Block Count Category Share of Products Promoted as Gluten Free Snacks; 33.7% Frozen; 26.5% Cereal; 9.6% Dry & Boxed Foods; 7.9% Baking Needs; 9.1% Dairy; 6.4% Grocery Bakery; 3.3% Refrigerated Prepared Foods; 0.5% Baked In-Store; 2.8% Everyday Candy; 0.2% R E v e

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