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4 4 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Fall 2014 Tobacco and E-cigarETTEs No-mess smokeless tobacco For the first time, Derringer offers adult consumers six no-mess, pre-packed cans of fresh, high-quality smokeless tobacco in one tub. As the price-value smokeless segment grows, Derringer stands out by delivering unmatched value and taste. The Derringer Premium Moist Tobacco 6-Shooter Tub is a product that is fully supported, 100 percent guaranteed and not part of cumbersome contracts. Retailers are able to provide a premium product, made from the finest, hand-selected tobaccos at an affordable price. Cheyenne International LLC Grover, N.C. Fused cigarillos "Dutch" by Dutch Masters is a new cigarillo line available in three unique fusion concepts: Mint Fusion, Berry Fusion, and Java Fusion. The Dutch line features a premium blend of smooth tobaccos, aromas and natural-leaf wrappers. Each pouch is specially marked at two for 99 cents. Commonwealth-Altadis Inc. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ruling cigarillos Swisher International introduced the King Edward VII Cigarillos. Named for the ruler of early-1900s Great Britain, these cigarillos are hand-rolled in a natural Connecticut shade wrapper and have a rich, royal taste, according to the maker. Available in two blends — vanilla and natural — the cigarillos are offered at an affordable buy two, get three price and are packed in resealable pouches for freshness. Swisher International Jacksonville, Fla. Vape kits and e-liquids NJOY's new vaping line includes a vape pen, tanks and 20 e-liquids. The company's specially crafted e-liquids come in 10 flavors and two nicotine strengths: 10 milligrams and 15 milligrams. Flavors include: Classic Tobacco, Pomegranate, Blood Orange, Single Malt Scotch, Vanilla Bean, Double Espresso, Menthol, Peach Tea, Black and Blueberry, and Butter Crunch. NJOY Scottsdale, Ariz. Peaceful cigar line Table 36 Cigars rolled out The Peacemaker, its third boutique premium cigar line. The Peacemaker's toothy Nicaraguan wrapper adds fittingly to the cigar line's rustic theme, while its predominant flavor note is nuttiness with wood smokiness, according to the maker. The Peacemaker comes in four shapes: The Bullet, The .45, Tin Star, and The Judge. Prices range from $4.95 to $7.25. Table 36 LLC St. Louis Custom-created e-liquids Eco-Cigs introduces Sapphyre Vapes, an e-liquid vaping program designed specifically for convenience stores, liquor stores and independent grocers. Sapphyre Vapes consumers will mix their own custom-created e-liquids in "small batches" ensuring a fresh and consistent vape, tank after tank. Sapphyre Vapes e-liquids are made in the United States, from U.S.-sourced ingredients. Two launch options include the "Complete Starter Kit," with a small- footprint acrylic display, and the "Just the Juice" program. Eco-Cigs Northbrook, Ill. Portable vaporizers VMR Products launched V2 Pro, a line of portable vaporizers. The devices are designed to offer consumers an open- system vaporizer solution, and feature the ability to vaporize e-liquids, loose- leaf tobacco and essential oils. Other features include a one-piece aluminum body with drop-in smart cartridges that couple to the vaporizers magnetically — rather than with threading — and automatically control temperature. The Series 3 model is available now. Series 7 and Series 9 models will launch later this year. Suggested retail price starts at $59.99. VMR Products Miami Tech-savvy vaporizers The Vapex product line includes three vaporizers with patented technology and multiple nicotine levels and flavors. The Vapex X1 comes with a 900 mAh battery and two-pack of pre-filled disposable cartridges. The Vapex X2 has a 1,300 mAh battery, lasts three to five days on a single charge, and comes with one pre-filled 6-milliliter e-liquid cartridge. The Vapex X3 boasts built-in Bluetooth capability, a password-protected lock and a free Vapex app for smartphones that controls voltage while monitoring puff count and battery level. Blac Label New York

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