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4 2 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Fall 2014 Tobacco and E-cigarETTEs Tropical-flavored cigarillos Commonwealth-Altadis Inc. is expanding its Phillies Krome Crown Collection with two new tropical- flavored cigarillos: Turquoise-Blue Agave and Citrine-Pineapple. All Crown Collection varieties are available at a pre-price of three for 99 cents. Commonwealth-Altadis Inc. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Cigarillos in resealable pounches Cheyenne International LLC is now offering four cigarillo styles in three- stick resealable foil pouches. The Cheyenne Cigarillo Trifecta pouches offer flavors such as Dark & Mellow, Pineapple, Sweet or White Grape. Each three-pack of cigarillos has a retail price of 89 cents. Cheyenne International LLC Grover, N.C. Cherry-flavored e-cigarette Cherry Crush is the latest addition to Blu eCigs' line of disposable electronic cigarettes. Offering superior flavor and vapor production, Cherry Crush features the tangy, bold burst of cherry, according to the maker. Each Cherry Crush disposable e-cigarette equals approximately 400 puffs, and contains approximately 17 to 24 milligrams of nicotine. Blu eCigs Charlotte, N.C. Boutique premium cigar The DeSiena 312 is a new boutique premium cigar from DeSiena Cigars. It is aged three to five years and available in four shapes: Robusto (4-1/2 x 52), Toro (6-1/2 x 54), Gordo (6 x 60), and Corona Gorda (5-5/8 x 46). Each DeSiena 312 cigar is cello-tubed and packaged 20 to a Spanish cedar-lined wooden box, with artwork that emphasizes the DeSiena name. The cigar bands feature the heraldic crest of the city of Siena, Italy, the former home of the DeSiena family. Prices range from $7.15 to $9.10. DeSiena Cigars New York sapphyre Hookah Sapphyre Hookah is a line of zero- nicotine electronic hookah from Eco-Cigs. With a rich metallic finish and unique Sapphyre Crystal Tip, Sapphyre Hookah delivers a cool, sophisticated look and 600 puffs of incredible flavor. Sapphyre Hookah comes in nine flavors: Fresh Melon, Blueberry Mint, Mango Tango, Green Apple, Strawberry Fields, Peach Passion, Grape Explosion, Watermelon Heaven, and Chocolate Mint. Sapphyre Hookah is packaged in two different 20-unit variety boxes and 10-piece single-flavor boxes. Sapphyre Hookah is pre-priced at $8.99. Eco-Cigs Northbrook, Ill. Vaporizer pen The Eonsmoke Infinity comes with an upgraded tank and 900 mAh battery. The Eonsmoke Infinity vaporizer is designed with a longer-lasting battery and significantly more vapor production. Compatible with any e-liquid or smoke juice and completely supported by Eonsmoke with 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year warranty and separate part availability. Eonsmoke Clifton, N.J. relaunched e-cigarette Vapor Brands International Inc. reintroduced the Vamp E-Cigarette. The product can be found at select retail locations, as well as online at and at the Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room across from the entrance of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Vapor Brands International Inc. Los Angeles Blended e-liquids Imperial Smoke recently debuted Imperial blend e-liquids. The product is available in 50 flavors at zero and 12-milligram nicotine strengths. It's available in Tobacco Leaf and Menthol varieties at four different nicotine strengths: zero, 11, 18 and 24 milligrams. Imperial blend e-liquids are made in the United States from USP- grade ingredients and manufactured in a sterile laboratory environment. Imperial Smoke Santee, Calif.

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