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SnackS 32 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Fall 2014 Kellogg's Special K Pastry Crisps $100.6 million Snack bars/granola bars category Healthy variety and convenience- driven sales contribute to the success in this category, as well as the strong brand recognition of Special K. TOSTITOS Cantina Tortilla Chips $100.3 million Salty snacks category These chips offer real restaurant taste and fit perfectly into the at-home entertainment trend. The convenience store channel con- tributes greatly to the snack industry, thus notable to mention that IRI's top 10 Pacesetters specific to convenience stores includes: Doritos JACKED $25.9 million Salty snacks category Given that yogurt has taken on a new role as a go-to snack for many on-the- go consumers, it's pertinent to note that three yogurt products made the top 10 food and beverage Pacesetters: Dannon Light & Fit Greek $144.9 million Yogurt category Yoplait Greek 100 $135.1 million Yogurt category Müller Yogurt $95.8 million Yogurt category New Product Pacesetters Every year Chicago's IRI tracks and evaluates the consumer-packaged goods industry's top-selling key new product launch- es, recognizing products that hit a certain sales threshold and the influence they have on the industry and consumer trends. In their first year, the brands highlighted throughout IRI's 2013 New Product Pacesetters report earned an average of $35 million. In snack categories, there were a handful of food items in the Top 10 food and beverage Pacesetters As part of the New Product Pacesetters report, IRI highlights Rising Stars, which are those products pacing for Pacesetter success though they have not yet completed a full year of distribution. Snack Rising Stars include: Dannon Activia Greek, Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty!, Chobani Flip in-home staples, such as yogurt, milk, fruits and veggies, food items become snacks able to pop into a lunch bag, desk drawer or suitcase to consume on the go. And with more than 86 percent of Americans eating snacks, according to IRI's 2014 Consumer Snack Survey, there are plenty of snack opportuni- ties to go around. With this signifcant portion of the population snacking, certainly snack frequency is on the rise and causing the blurring of eating oc- casions. The foodservice industry, as a result, has tweaked oferings, featuring smaller sandwiches/ wraps, easy, on-the-go packaging, and other op- tions to make restaurants, particularly fast-food outlets, a new snack destination. This has changed the competitive landscape dramatically as retail- ers compete with foodservice in a new way for the snacking occasion. Growth is prevalent across many categories catering to these broadened snacking occasions. PGPS Snacks KEY TrEnDS 4 Snacking is popular form of satiation, a large portion of the population snacks. 4 Snacking frequency is on the rise and is blurring eating occasions. 4 Retail and restaurant landscape force new competition. CATEGORY GROWTH SALES Bakery Snacks +12.3% $2.9B Dried Meat Snacks +10.2% $2.5B Other Snacks +8.4% $1.3B (includes nutritional snacks/trail mixes, chocolate covered salty snacks, yogurt/carob snacks) Refrigerated Dips +7.9% $0.7B Breath Fresheners +5.7% $0.7B Source: IRI, Chicago

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