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FOR A SPARKLING OPPORTUNITY CONTACT US AT 813.313.1896 OR [email protected] CALORIE FREE GROWING CATEGORY ALL SIX FLAVORS IN 12 PK CANS SUGAR FREE VALUE PRICE NATURAL FLAVORS HEALTHY MARGIN WWW.VINTAGESELTZER.COM © 2014 Cott Beverages Inc. All rights reserved. Cott Beverages Inc. Tampa, FL 33634. O N T R E N D • N O T H I N G A R T I F I C I A L • I N T R O D U C I N G • Sparkling Water Coconut Original, Lime, and Lemon have always been the top items in the Sparkling Water category, but consumers are demanding variety and creativity. Vintage is delivering. Our new Coconut flavor has all of the crisp and refreshing qualities of the classic offerings, but with some added island style. The tropical scent and smooth taste of our Coconut flavor can make it feel like summer any time of the year. Sparkling Water Pink Grapefruit Our new Pink Grapefruit flavor gets back to the classic, citrus-inspired roots of Sparkling Water. Grapefruit closely follows the classic Lemon and Lime formulations in popularity within the category, but the new Vintage Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water flavor has the potential to alter that trend. With subtle, crisp notes of Grapefruit, this flavor is a new twist on the classic citrus varieties of Sparkling Water. Sparkling Water Cucumber Melon Our new Cucumber Melon flavor answers the call for flavor innovation, while maintaining Vintage quality standards. It blends new age inspiration and time- tested ingredient selection to produce a flavor that is truly unique. This flavor has been a fan favorite at our trade shows and community outreach events, as well as with retail consumers.

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