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OCT 2014

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Hollymatic Super Portioning Machine T e industry favorite for quality fresh patties, Hollymatic's Super Machine produces up to 2,100 patties per hour with reliable portion control of up to 8 oz. and 3 ∕ 16" to 3 ∕ 4" thick. formers-portioners Hollymatic Stainless Steel Hydraulic Stuf ers Available in 28, 55, and 88 pound capacities, these hydraulic Stuf ers have some of the smallest footprints available and are ideal for meat markets and processing plants. All stainless for exceptional quality and long life. stuf ers Hollymatic Hi-Yield Saw T is rugged stainless steel Saw of ers signif cant safety features including a Quick Stop Brake that stops the blade within 1 second of shut-of or opening of doors to dramatically reduce risk of injury. equipment-view/stainless-steel-saws Hollymatic 22 Refrigerated Grinder With a high power, self-contained cooling system that keeps temperature at 37.5° F, this all stainless steel Grinder features an adjustable patty attachment that forms burgers between 1 ∕ 3 to 3 ∕ 4 lbs. Measures just 22.3" w x 22.3" d x 19.8" h for an innovative, compact design. equipment-view/mixers-grinders " Give Customers A Reason To Return" "Fresh ground, fresh formed, fresh stuffed, and fresh cut… All fresh ideas to keep customers coming back. Higher standards begin with Hollymatic equipment. Outfi t your backroom with Hollymatic grinders, formers, stuffers, and saws and promote meat freshness to your customers. The pride you take in your job will be evident in the product you sell. And that's something your customers appreciate." Butch the Butcher 708-579-3700 Fresh is Best

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