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OCT 2014

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October 2014 | Defining the Independent Market | 15 matching week is advertised and often draws the most customer donations. Te Round Up program has become so popular that Lake Mills Market now has a selection committee to pick which charities will be featured. Te store also recently worked with the local historical society to raise money by selling paper leaves for $1 and apples for $5 to post on a tree at checkout. Additionally, customers can buy flled paper bags for $6 to donate to the food pantry. Te bags have difer- ent themes: A birthday bag contains a cake mix and frosting as well as other items needed for a birthday celebration; a pet bag contains food for either dogs or cats; a personal care bag is flled with toothpaste, soap and other HBC items; and paper product bags include items like toilet paper and paper towels. Lake Mills Market also ofers the more tradi- tional canned and boxed food bags. Pushing the Envelope Lake Mills is located in a fairly rural area, but Eveland decided to import some of the more urban elements of his Madison store. As a result, Lake Mills Market features fresh made- in-house sushi seven days a week. A sushi chef mans the department from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and has the case flled by 11 a.m. Te chef also is responsible for producing the sushi needed for the Madison store, which is then trucked to that location every morning. "It's uncommon in this area, but I felt it would be successful here," Eveland explains. "I also knew I wanted to produce it for Madison, which doesn't have the space for a kitchen." A few months ago, Lake Mills Market introduced a delivery service. Te store has ofered online ordering since opening and features two parking spots at the front of the store designated as a Curbside Pick Up area. Customers call the store and employees deliver the groceries right to their cars, processing the orders with a portable credit card reader. Now customers have the option to have their groceries delivered free on Wednesday and Saturday. Online ordering, delivery, signa- ture products in perimeter depart- ments and locally sourced products are all an efort to tap unmet needs in the community. "You have to earn people's business one customer at a time," Eveland says. "As a new store, you need to change customers' buying habits. You need to fnd a way to win them over, and it's not always about price. It is about rec- ognizing them by saying hello when they shop." PGI Call Us: 303.772.2633 1.888.247.7327 [email protected] COMFORTABLE The Air Pear Thermal Equalizer ® destratification fan system from Airius improves comfort and so much more: • Improves temperature comfort zone and increases productivity as well as customer sales. • Keeps customers shopping longer; less grab & dash in cold aisles. • Balances humidity & mitigates fogging on outside of freezer doors. Reduce run time or even turn off electricity-wasting door heaters. • Full-store installation cuts HVAC run time, delivering energy savings up to 35%. • Air Pear's PHI kit mitigates mold, bacteria & odors. Our proven grocery experience, performance and product selection make Airius the World Standard for Air Destratification Fans. HAPPY SHOPPERS Shoppers Are

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